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Forest – Forest

Forest – Forest
Harvest LP, 1969

01. Bad Penny
02. A Glade Somewhere
03. Lovemaker’s Ways
04. While You’re Gone
05. Sylvie (We’d Better Not Pretend)
06. A Fantasy You
07. Fading Light
08. Do You Want Some Smoke?
09. Don’t Want To Go
10. Nothing Else Will Matter
11. Mirror Of Life
12. Rain Is On My Balcony


  1. james on November 3rd, 2010

    Awesome. I love this one much more than the second album that you posted earlier. Bought it in 2005 based on clerk at record store’s enthusiasm and didn’t regret it. The thing I really like about this record is how PISSED the singer seems… very earnest and troubled. it’s not gentle folk.