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Universal Ave.

Double Fantasy
Universal Ave
Innovative Communication, CD, 1987

01. Heartbreaker (8:00)
02. Universal Avenue (6:01)
03. Endless Running (8:14)
04. Food for Fantasy (7:56)
05. Lost Control (8:20)
06. Children of the Universe (4:26)
07. Stranger in Space (12:04)


CD issue with the xtra ‘Stranger in Space’

  1. Jefre on November 8th, 2010
  2. Roger on November 8th, 2010

    You beat me to it! I found the LP a while back and was planning on posting it…

    Good times!

  3. danny on November 8th, 2010

    Ha ha Roger! Jefre moves fast. We heard it for the first time over the weekend at a show our buddy DJ’d. Reminded us a bit of Harald Grosskopf. Real nice!