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From our good buddy Irwin:

Dear friends,

As you know by now, KUSF is off the airwaves and is reportedly being moved to an online only format in a shady deal where USF sold the station’s license for $3.75 million to a classic radio station. Station volunteers and community members are outraged as we we were lied to about what was going on with KUSF and not included in any of the conversation of this sale. We would like to prevent the FCC’s approval/ finalization of this sale.

Tonight (Wednesday January 19) we are meeting on campus at Phelan Hall around 6:30pm, then we’ll proceed to Fromm Hall at 7pm in demonstration to what we feel is a major disservice to San Francisco, the arts community, college radio and a blow to the local music scene we are all a part of.

Please don’t let 34 years of non-profit, non-commercial radio go without a
fight. If you listen to KUSF, have been involved in KUSF, we need your help and support now. If you can’t join us tomorrow, I have some key names, numbers and email addresses that should be contacted of people involved in this bogus decision. Let them know that you want KUSF to stay on the dial and to remain an important and valued pillar of SF’s diverse culture and community.

Please contacts these names below and express your outrage on their actions that were all done behind closed doors. Let them know why KUSF is important to you.

USF President- Father Stephen Privett 415-422-6762
USF VP/ director of business and finance- Charlie Cross 415-422-6522
USF spokesperson- Gary McDonald 415-422-2699

and please come out tonight and show your support of kusf!

More info here.