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Fripp & Eno – Air Structures – Paris – May 28, 1975

Robert Fripp & Brian Eno
Air Structures
Live in Pairs
May 28, 1975

1: Side 1 (19:37)
2: Side 2 (20:09)
3: Side 3 (18:27)
4: Side 4 (16:27)


  1. Don Rose on March 31st, 2009

    A remarkable show and fairly decent, as far as bootlegs go, sound quality. Included are some Discreet Music, No Pussyfooting, Evening Star (one of whose cuts I believe was recorded at this gig) and others that I think might be make-up as-you-go-along bootleggers naming songs that they don’t know the name of: Peter’s Clock, Oaken Gates, Pipes of Bronze? I would like to know who the French announcer was who has a bit part in this.

  2. Josh Olken on April 7th, 2009

    Is there a complete sessions or something or that nature available somewhere, this record has changed my life, I must have more!

  3. Evan on July 11th, 2009

    Just by chance I was browsing Fripp’s work on Discogs, and noticed a couple bootleg LPs with the aforementioned odd tracks such as Pipes of Bronze, etc. I figured there would be no harm in finding these on a blog, since, foremost it was a bootleg, and moreover I’ll never find the vinyls. But the link is down. Jefre, is there a chance you can repost ? I’d love to hear these tracks.


  4. Jim on May 3rd, 2010

    so sad to have missed this… is there any chance you might repost?

  5. Matt on February 9th, 2011

    I have sides 2,3 and 4 of this – any chance of you posting it again WOuld love to get side 1 …

  6. tom on March 21st, 2011

    now available in full, with extras: