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Electronic Music for Dance

Bulent Arel & Daria Semegen
Electronic Music for Dance
Finnadar Records LP, 1978

01. Arc- Music for Dancers (13:50)
02. Mimiana I – Flux (10:42)
03. Mimiana II – Frieze (13:10)
04. Mimiana III – Six & Seven (12:30)


Thanks to GD for the rip!

  1. RTC on January 25th, 2011

    Nice, I was looking for this one a while back…

    Thanks guys!

  2. Joe on February 12th, 2011

    Got this record in today at work. I knew the words “Electronic Music for Dance” was too good. to be true. Looks like I found me some interpretive dancing music.

  3. Saucer People on August 25th, 2015

    I was worried for a second that like the three NWW posts, it was a defunct Sendspace link, but it’s a MF link and they just keep going forever (unless they randomly decide to close your free account down under the most spurious of copyright violations, ie – a track has the same name as a book title which happened to a friend of mine).

    I was checking out the Creel Pone discography when I came across this one they had reissued and of course, anything with the CP stamp of approval is worth checking out and this in no exception – deranged electronics from the seventies, cannot get enough of it, reared as I was on the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

    Many thanks to you and GD for the share.