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Early Works

Rolf Julius
Early Works Vol. 1 (1979-1982)
Fringes Archive CD, 2004

01. Music on Two High Poles (1979)
02. Morning Song (Berlin Concert Series, 1981)
03. Music for the Earth (Berlin Concert Series, 1981)
04. Music for the Eyes (1981)
05. Music for a Pane of Glass (1980)
06. Music for a Yellow Room (Berlin Concert Series, 1982)
07. Chamber Concert for Three Loudspeakers (Berlin Concert Series, 1982)
08. Concert for a Frozen Lake (Berlin Concert Series, 1982)


Rolf Julius died on January 21st.
Steve Roden wrote a nice piece about Julius you can read on his blog here.

  1. Robert on January 28th, 2011

    Mediafire took the file down……

  2. Jefre on January 28th, 2011