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Another Japanese benefit compilation (featuring a number of Root Strata friends) courtesy of the Electric Temple imprint. A few copies remain!

For the curious, “gaman” (我慢) means patience, endurance, perseverance, tolerance… tracklist below:

Cassette 1:
Animal Hospital – Dreams
William Fowler Collins – Autumn Lights
High aura’d-Methodist Bells
Phantom Family Halo – Guns and Violens
Steven R. Smith-Regen Volt
Glenn Jones-Portland Cement Factory
Angel Olsen-She Came and She Touched Me
Pete Stampfel and Eli Smith – Castor and Pollux
Zelienople – Smoked
Lee Noble – August
Loren Connors – Yesterday and Today

Cassette 2:
Forma – FORMA 178
GDFX – Forever a Bone
Reuben Son – Dancing into Sandtraps
Ancient Ocean – New Rising Sun
Sic Alps – Anasazi Chemist
Herbcraft – Sunset Glow
The North Sea – Sugar
Clearing – Untitled
Amen Dunes – Lower Class
Heavy Hymns – Prayer
Swati (David First)
Rambutan – The Kingfisher
Steve Gunn – Taksim II (Live in Montreal)