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Douglas Leedy: The Electric Zodiac

Douglas Leedy
The Electric Zodiac
LP, Capitol, 1969

A. The Electric Zodiac (part 1)
B. The Electric Zodiac (part 2)

Music of the Cosmos composed and arranged for Moog and Buchla synthesizers and Ognob generator by Douglas Leedy.


  1. Kelly Hamilton on May 27th, 2014

    This man [Douglas Leedy] spat in my face when I was a student in his class at UCLA and claimed to be a composer. “You’re a composer?” he sneered in seething contempt. “I’m a composer!” he sputterd in pompous, boastful rage. I never took another music theory class, but went on to a distinguished career as an acclaimed, award-winning composer of many musicals and operas, likened along the way to Gershwin, Stravinsky and Puccini. Douglas Leedy turns out to be not much of a composer at all, was a terrible teacher and should not be allowed around talented people.

  2. Claire Leedy on March 29th, 2015

    My Uncle was an incredible mind. Maybe you had a bad experience with him but did you really have to post it on the Internet. I suspect it was to put someone down to boost your own ego. Having had my uncle pass away yesterday and find your aggressively mean comment is quite upsetting. I hope when you pass your legacy online won’t be tarnished by some disgruntled person like you.

  3. Claire Leedy on March 31st, 2015

    Some people get so distressed when facing the shame they feel with their own problems, that the only coping mechanism they have is to block it out by trying to bring shame to others for their “faults.