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Tryst mix

01. Gary Farr: Don’t Know Why You Bother Child (1969)
02. Beau Brummels: Little Bird (1968)
03. Jerry Jeff Walker: Well of The Blues (1974)
04. Randy Burns: You’ve Got All of Love Standing at Your Door (1968)
05. John Villemonte: I’m The Moonlight (1976)
06. Chris Britton: Evil Woman (1969)
07. Ernie Graham: Sea Fever (1971)
08. Stephen Whynott: Altitude (1977)
09. Bobby Whitlock: Dreams of a Hobo (1972)
10. John Kay: Two of a Kind (1972)
11. Guy Clark: Desperados Waiting For The Train (1975)
12. Hoyt Axton: Whisper in a Velvet Night (1977)
13. Marc Benno: Franny (1971)
14. Bob Dylan: Copper Kettle (The Pale Moonlight) (1970)
15. Jesse Winchester: Snow (1970)
16. Terry Allen: The Girl Who Danced Oklahoma (1979)
17. The Humblebums: Mary of The Mountains (1970)
18. Tennent & Morrison: For in The Future (1972)
19. Ian Matthews: Seven Bridges Road (1973)


  1. Maxime on October 8th, 2011

    if you want some more, you might like this one, as well:

  2. Byron on October 8th, 2011

    ah, seven bridges road, love his version. (also the one of these days on that record) looking forward to checking this out.

  3. Walkathon on October 8th, 2011

    Way intrigued, thanks!

  4. Brad on October 10th, 2011

    This is incredible.

  5. Blake on October 12th, 2011

    But there ain’t no Blaze Foley song on here!?

  6. Maxime on October 12th, 2011

    indeed! i wanted mister Foley to be the ‘ghost guest of honor’ of the comp! hoping that people being not familiar with his music get intrigued by this blue-eyed man with a big mustache..and start seeking information about him…

  7. Tim Johnson on October 16th, 2011

    I’d rather have the real thing than a ghost. But: certainly the comp is great. For which: thanks.

  8. R on October 18th, 2011

    Speaking of blaze………..

  9. akai on October 22nd, 2011

    I cant stop listening to this, it’s brilliant!
    Will definitely look into the other link posted above.


  10. maxim on November 12th, 2011

    fantastic compilation! thanks! i made a wallpaper of this blue-eyed man…)it warms my soul.and i started to seek info…

  11. hermann heumann on December 2nd, 2012

    any chance of reupping any of these awesome-lookin mixes?

  12. Adam on March 7th, 2013

    Please re-up when there’s a chance, thanks y’all, really love the mixes!