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Rootmix – Xela – Winter 2011

Winter Mix – 2011
100% Vinyl

1. Max Roach – Twinkle Toes (Columbia)
2. Craig Leon – Four Eyes To See The Afterlife (White)
3. Mike Shiflet – Axle Grease (Type)
4. Theo Parrish – Nefarious Stranger (Ubiquity)
5. Andy Stott – We Stay Together (Part One) (Modern Love)
6. No UFO’s – Form Constant Flood (Public Information)
7. Earn – A Following Shadow (PPM)
8. Floating Points – Sais (Dub) (Eglo)
8. Lussuria – Untitled (Hospital)
9. Suum Cuique – Midden 2 (Young Americans)
10. Roly Porter – Caladan (Subtext)
11. Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band – Sunshower (RCA)


  1. asleep on December 8th, 2011


    Xela gives us his final release for free here


  2. weis on December 10th, 2011

    what’s the track that comes in at 53:00, that’s the highlight for me (except of course, the Max Roach track. Speaking of which, what album is that MR track from?)?

  3. joseph m on December 17th, 2011

    weis, that tracks is off M’Boom – not sure about the track at 53:00, haven’t gotten there yet

  4. joseph m on December 23rd, 2011

    Thanks for this Mr. Twells. It’s a lovely mix; easily my favorite of recent memory. I just got the M’Boom album too, with your guidance.

    @weis: Hey, to each his own, but I’m pretty sure that highlight of yours at 53:00 is a Suum Cuique track.