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Nu New Age Tapes – 001 – 003

Ok, full disclosure here:
My next release, ‘Namu Kie Butsu’ will be put out by the kind folks at NNA Tapes sometime soon. Now that we got the transparency out of the way, I highly suggest you tracking down these first three tapes which came out late last month. All in all an impressive batch of phasing drift.

No secret that Sun Circle are a big hit around here. Many a sunday morning has been spent drifting off into inner space with their take on ‘ECSTATIC HIGH VOLUME DRONES, LONG FORM TRANCE MUSICS AND PEACE NOISE‘ I think Zach Wallace mentioned to me that he fell asleep while tracking this tune. You know, for us I think that’s a real plus. 


Side long work of prepared guitar via a motor of some sort that despite the metallic leanings is really a rather pleasant  wash of soft focused sustained BUZZ. I think I dig how this is a little more in your face than his CD on Important from last year, not that I minded the distant glow of that disc though. The second side is a rather dreamy field recording suite.



You could easily take the the Oak track on this tape as a reimagining of ‘Journey in Satchidananda‘, which, for me, is a very good thing. Same sorta lumbering bass line feel, but with the raga / cosmic element taken up a few more notches. Been looping this for days on end…

Check website here for ordering info, etc.

  1. gk on October 27th, 2008

    fecking beautiful designs.
    jams, G