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Love Song For The Dead C

From Helga Fassonaki (Yek Koo / Metal Rouge):

‘Touching Them, Touching Me: A Love Song For The Dead C’ is the first in a series of multimedia installation and performance works in which I situate myself in the position of a Hagiographer, visually depicting the lives of my musical saints. The first hagiography is on the Dead C (an experimental rock band formed in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1987/88).

For the next few weeks, using Kickstarter I’m raising money to help cover building and production costs. For more info, description, and a montaged video clip of my project click here. I appreciate your support and welcome any donations you can offer….there’s also special gifts for those who contribute including the upcoming yek koo LP, limited edition CDrs, artwork, and performance series passes!

The exhibition and performance dates are:
Exhibition: March 24th – April 22
Opening Reception: March 24th, 8pm
Performance Series: April 20 – 22

At Human Resources Gallery
410 Cottage Home St
Chinatown, Los Angeles CA 90012