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Christina Carter – Masque Femine (Many Breaths CD-R)


Latest dazzling jewel in Christina Carters growing discography. All covers of standards and ballads, and aside from a couple of acoustic guitar numbers, all solo voice. Melt.
Hand made addition of 80 copies. (read: GONE) 
Terrifyingly good.

“The more I’m with you
The more I feel my love increase
I’m building all my dreams around you
My happiness will never cease
But nothing’s any good without you
Cause baby you’re my centrepiece

I buy a house and garden somewhere
Along a country road a piece
A little cottage on the outskirts
Where we can really find release
But nothing’s any good without you
Cause you’re my centrepiece”

Quite Nights

  1. brad on March 21st, 2008

    lovely stuff. not sure if i like ‘masque feminine’ as much as ‘the light is out,’ but it is still really damn good.