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The Kiwi Animal

The Kiwi Animal
Massage Records – LP, 1985
A1. Flesh & Time (2:00)
A2. Dust (5:16)
A3. Mudsinging (5:53)
A4. This Day (2:33)
A5. Conversation Piece (5:21)
B1. Woman And Man Have Balance (5:23)
B2. Fag Piece (3:53)
B3. Going Hands (2:39)
B4. Mr. Happy (3:49)
B5. Mercy (2:32)

Cello, Guitar, Trumpet, Vocals: Patrick Waller
Vocals, Guitar, Lyrics: Brent S Hayward, Julie Cooper

Recorded in Auckland on 8-track equipment between January 27th and February 13th 1985 at Knox Church Parnell with the exception of B1/B2 recorded at Last Laugh recording Studio and the J.S. Sarten No.1 Parking Building, respectively.

Music was played live except for a trumpet overdub on Mudsinging, Woman and Man Have Balance and tapes on Conversation Piece/Fag Piece.

Thanks to Graham Sinclair for the Casio PT50, Greg McKenzie for the Boss DD2, Craig Mason for assistance, Carol Simmington, Reverend Margaret Wilkinson, Brion Gysin, Chris Esther and Ted Hurlock.