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1: Analog or Digital?

2: What time did you wake up today?

3: Last thing you read?
‘ when things fall apart ‘ Pema Chodron

4: Whats your first memory?
Being terrified of the clown my mother hired for my birthday party and hiding under the table

5: Tea Or Coffee?
Coffee. I had my first matcha the other day. I love both.

6: Last thing you cooked?
The last thing i cooked would have been a few months ago on the bbq that is now in storage along with everything else in my life.

7: If you’re reborn who or what would you like to be?
a cat in the sun, a giant sequoia ? ? ?  not sure about this one.

8: What inspires you?

9: Last record you played?
Burial ‘ Untrue ‘ . . . at the gym.

10: Favorite piece of musical equipment?
a tie between my Roland JV1010 synth module and my Roland R77 drum machine.

11: Last movie you saw?
I watched half of Donnie Darko before falling asleep last night.

12: Who do you love?
I love

13: Do you have any pets?
R.I.P. Iodine the Dalmatian, Winston the Persian , Summer the keeshond, Alaska the Black feral cat born in a dresser, and Nimrod the goldfish.

14: Are you useful?
yes .

15: Biggest fear?
of being alone on this journey

16: What do you value the most?
my heart being open

17: Famous last words?
I will quote the last thing Jefre said to me before he left for Europe because I really love it ,  “stay vulnerable”

Young Moon is William Trevor Montgomery, a California native and a founding member of Tarentel, The Drift, Lazarus & Moholy-Nagy, to name a few.
Navigated Like the Swan‘ is his first release under his new name and it will be out this Friday the 27th via Western Vinyl.


  1. Walkathon on July 25th, 2012

    likely a TR-77 drum machine, btw … good choice!