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Jon Gibson
Chatham Square Productions, LP – 1973

A. Visitations Part 1 (21:01)
B. Visitations Part 2 (20:11)

Wooden flute, bells, cymbal, claves, voice, synthesizer: Jon Gibson
Maracas: Tina Girouard
Woodblock percussion: Richard Peck
Tape: John Fullerman, Richard Peck

Final Mixdown by Jon Gibson and Kurt Munkacsi, 15 March 1973, Butterfly Studio, NYC


  1. GTD on August 27th, 2012

    great album!
    i have the CD version with the bonus tracks. if anyone wants that, let me know.

  2. Timothy K. Ready on November 20th, 2017

    Just found out about this. Thank you for posting. About as close to a paranormal experience as I’d ever like to get…magnificent, sparse and chilling…