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George Cromarty – The Only One…

George Cromarty – The Only One … Music For People Who Are Still Growing
Thistle Records LP, 1973

1. The Only One 0:55
2. Shortnin’ Bread 2:50
3. Cuckoo Clock 0:25
4. Change, Change 3:25
5. A Gnat 0:32
6. See Canyon 1:50
7. Garbage Man 2:28
8. Hen & Duck 0:21
9. Bats 0:18
10. Ana Halach Dodech 1:50
11. Many Hands 1:30
12. Captain Owl 2:20
13. The Zebra 2:25
14. A Good Home 2:15
15. A Garden Snail 0:35
16. Bees Make Honey 1:50
17. Fishermen 0:15
18. The Whale 0:42
19. Cheetah Lun Loo 3:10
20. Wooden Soldiers 2:50
21. The Only One 1:17


  1. Holly on October 15th, 2012

    Many, many thanks

  2. asleep on October 16th, 2012

    Thank you. This is just beautifull.

  3. Octavio on October 16th, 2012

    Thank you so much.
    I love George compositions.

  4. Wilder Knockenmann on October 16th, 2012

    Wowza, another one? I’m still in thrall to the first two Cromarty records you’ve shared. Thank you for unearthing these and bringing to my attention a singular artist previously unknown to me. xoxo

  5. nto on October 16th, 2012

    in total agreement with poster wilder k

    how has this guy flown under the radar for so long

    a giant

    this post is interesting.. a kids lp, but his grassroots lp is the classic

    like to hear a cleaner copy wind in the heather… reissue?

    this guy was/is (an) unheard gem

    i’ve mentioned him to longtime “left coast” guitarists,
    and they havent heard of him either..
    as one put

    “sad to say”

    great blog work


  6. David Drury on September 23rd, 2013

    I love this album! A little-appreciated masterpiece of kids’ music.

    I have only a bad tape copy of the LP, and would love to know where I can get a clean digital copy. Feel free to contact me if you know of a source. Does anyone know if Thistle records has re-released it?