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Roberto Cacciapaglia
Sonanze/Sonances And Other Works 1972 – 1975
Proper CD, 2000

Sonanze 1st Movement 4:27
Sonanze 2nd Movement 4:12
Sonanze 3rd Movement 2:57
Sonanze 4th Movement 1:23
Sonanze 5th Movement 3:48
Sonanze 6th Movement 3:27
Sonanze 7th Movement 2:26
Sonanze 8th Movement 1:53
Sonanze 9th Movement 4:31
Sonanze 10th Movement 3:55
Skywaves 3:23
Electric Avenues 8:03
Birds Over Prague 1:00
Floating Clouds 2:28
Gongs 2:27
Mother And Cousin 3:00
Winds And Gong 3:05
Moog Sequence 2:17
Roxanne 5:57
Metal Windows 0:44
Slow Steps 4:21
Manuela 1:52
Rob Tiger 1:13
Sub-Electronic 1:54
Original Gongs 3:03


Thanks JD!

  1. tich on December 25th, 2012


    have the orig quad lp!!!
    this is a true real heavyweight
    for those that don’t know

    in the spirit of terry riley/ ash ra/ minimalist 70’s

    ie good

    the extra trax. do with what u wish

    grab it


  2. dsfad on January 12th, 2013

    wow there are some beautiful gems in there. sky waves, slow steps, movements 4-7. bellissima!

  3. Josh on October 11th, 2013

    Yes, deep cuts on here. Much obliged for this now that I’ve gotten around to listening.