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Disco – D – Dance Tracs

Disco – D
Dance Tracs
Alleviated Records
produced by: ACE “SMOKIN” AMY
(a.k.a. Larry Heard)

A1 – Beat It
A2 – High Noon
B1 – (123-BPM)
B2 – (122-BPM)
B3 – (121-BPM)

  1. austin cesear on December 14th, 2012

    both links don’t seem to work?

  2. gtd on December 15th, 2012

    both links work just fine for me. hmmmm

  3. Spencer on December 15th, 2012

    sick. beyond the other obvious l heard stuff i also really like those two gherkin jerks EPs…

  4. austin cesear on December 16th, 2012

    it works now, no worries. thanks.
    i’d love to hear those gherkin jerks eps if you’d like to share them.

  5. Iz on April 4th, 2013

    Any chance of a re-up pleeeeeease.